Welcome Parents to 2015-16 School Year!
“All Hands On Deck!”

My name is Jayda Atkinson and I am your Parent Liaison. I am very excited to begin this journey with you; working alongside you so that you may become a partner in the educational process.  This is my first year here at Dr. Martin Luther King School for Science and Technology – not my first year serving the community – throughout my career in the community I have found that each person has an individual story to tell. I will be here to guide you in expressing your part as a leader in your own child’s future.

It is my promise to you to work with you so that we can reach the key to student success!  We have an open door policy and will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have.  As your Parent Liaison, my goals are to motivateempower and assist you by creating wonderful programs and events that adhere to the curriculum in addition to being thematic, innovative, and memorable.

 As a proud mother myself, I truly understand that time is valuable.  We will be offering programs for you with your busy schedules in mind. There will be many opportunities to engage you including before school, during school, after school and on Saturdays!

It’s my pleasure to be able to assist you with following services(not limited to):

  • Use of computers
  • Community resources and referrals
  • Workshops, trainings, and meetings
  • Bridge the gap between school, teachers, and parents
  • Translate/interpret for conferences, meetings, letters, etc.
  • Provide information in order to improve home/school communication


We here take great pride in who you are and are committed to our vision for you and your child. The following is a list of ways we will be communicating with you so that you will always be well informed of the awesome things happening in our building and community. Here are ways of finding out what opportunities you have to learn and grow.

  • Parent Calendars (Monthly)
  • Letters Sent Home
  • E-mail Correspondence

My e-mail address is: jatkinson@mlknola.org

  • Parent Surveys / Focus Groups
  • Personal Phone Calls & Follow-Ups
  • Home Visits (appointment only)


Safety is our number 1 priority! When coming into the building for anything please make sure you sign in prior to visiting the Community Center. You will be provided with a visitors pass. Also, please understand that if you wish to volunteer in a classroom or main office you must go through the district process. See me and I will gladly provide you with the details.

With the support of our Administration, Staff and Community we will collaborate together to make this school year extremely productive.  “Parenting is not always easy, but it is the most rewarding position you will ever have!”

“Informed Parents, Enhance Students ! Together a Community is Inspired, Uplifted and Empowered!”


Jayda Atkinson

Parent Liasion