School’s Mission!

Our mission is to create and maintain an orderly, trusting environment where teaching and learning are innovative and exciting; where students are taught to read, write, compute, and think critically according to their fullest potential..



Kyla Hicks was installed as King High Student Council President. The ceremony was conducted on March 1,2018 in the King High Auditorium.

Guest speakers Ms. Robin Carney, Board of Regents State of Louisiana LOSFA, and Ms. Jessica Brooks
Pre-Law/Criminal Justice provided a wealth of Knowledge and wisdom to the audience.

Others officers installed were Jordan Williams Vice-President, Keleaph Deselles Secretary, Trevianne Turner Treasurer, Nakhy White and Kaitin Franklin Historians. Additionally, all council members were installed.

Dr. Lindsey Moore, Principal of King High and Ms. Velta Simms FOKS District provided closing remarks. Council sponsor is Ms. G. Lewis-Lee.